Self-Driving Car

ScPA StarLine is a world leader in the car security market with expertise in automation, robotics and telematics. A logical stage in the development of technologies ensuring the security and comfort of the car owners has become the development of self-driving technologies, which are becoming more and more integrated into our lives every year. Nowadays StarLine is an active participant of the scientific community in the field of research and development of self-driving technologies. The competencies accumulated by the company for over 31 years formed the basis for creating StarLine self-driving car.

StarLine self-driving car is a research project designed to unite the greatest engineering minds of Russia and the world. Its aim is to create the advanced self-driving technologies that will make our future safe and comfortable.

A team of development engineers is creating a universal platform that will enable the elements of self-driving car to be integrated into almost any modern vehicle.

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Your opportunities in the project

Participation in real field driving tests

Solving interesting and complicated tasks

Training in a team of professionals

Our team

The project is open to ambitious professionals from the Open Source Community. Participate in the development process at the code level, and test your algorithms on a real car equipped with the high-priced hardware!

If you are confident in yourself and want to change the world, welcome to our friendly team!

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