StarLine OSCAR (Open Source Car) project is open to ambitious professionals from the Open Source Community. We invite engineers to participate in the development process at the code level, and test their algorithms on a real car equipped with the high-priced hardware. OSCAR self-driving car trial drives are conducted at closed areas.

Due to the mass test drives held in 2019, the residents of St. Petersburg got a unique opportunity to be among the first to test the car of the future, developed inside OSCAR project.

Join the project, and enjoy the following advantages:

Implemented features:

  1. We have developed and debugged the communication protocol of the main Lexus RX450h functional units from the standard digital buses: control of vehicle speed and direction, automatic transmission and parking brake control, odometry, LKA, cruise control, and telemetry of standard security systems.
  2. We have developed a system for identifying and localization of obstacles based on data from cameras, radars and lidars.
  3. We have developed a vehicle localization system based on the integration of GNSS RTK, IMU and odometry data.
  4. We have developed a system for building trajectories and controlling the vehicle movement in a complex dynamic environment.

In the near future:

  1. Development of the computer vision system. It will improve the system for identifying and localization of obstacles and complement the localization system.
  2. Development of a system for identifying road infrastructure elements and possible behavior scenarios based on Russian traffic regulations.